About The Bamboo Project Powered by GVN

The Bamboo Project Powered by GVN is the next step in independent volunteering and adventure travel. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what responsible tourism is all about. Our dedicated team, consisting of the perfect mix of international travellers and passionate locals, know exactly how to ensure that both you, our hearty traveller, and the communities that we're dedicated to support, receive the very best of everything; adventure, fun, financial help, support, care, love, hugs and hi-5's! Where we go, we leave footprints. Together we ensure these footprints are nothing but positive.

The partnership of The Bamboo Project (TBP) and Global Volunteer Network (GVN) happened as recently as May 2016 – but don't let that fool you! Both TBP and GVN have years and years of hugely successful histories in international volunteer travel. GVN, founded way back in 2002, have since placed 24,493 volunteers on worthy projects globally, raised US$ 2,457,493.14 in donations and been responsible for thousands upon thousands of volunteer hours. TBP, although still in its infancy (founded in September 2013), is led by two cheeky chaps, Mark and Steve, who have both been directly involved in volunteering and adventure in Asia for almost a decade. It's the perfect combination, a marriage made in heaven and by giving you the very best of both worlds you're guaranteed the best experiences available.

About Bamboo-GVN

Leading up to the partnership, TBP and GVN have been working together harmoniously, placing hundreds of volunteers on the right projects across Thailand and Cambodia for 18 months. Once GVN witnessed for themselves the professionalism of Team Bamboo and the quality of the projects that were operating, the partnership was a no-brainer! That's exactly the kind of support, care and attention that you can expect from the moment you arrive at your destination, to your last drop of sweat, last temple visit, that final bucket of fun and the ultimate hi-5!

GVN is one of the world's oldest and most established volunteer placement organisations in the world. They have become and maintained a position as a globally recognised and trusted brand. This history and experience,combined with the fresh approach, fun attitude and rapid growth and impact that The Bamboo Project has achieved, together they are an unstoppable force for good! The Bamboo Project clearly have something very special going on as they were presented with TourRadar's 'World's best Volun-tour' for 2015. The 'BamFam' are really at the top of this 'industry for change'.

What is the BamFam?

Hmmm...... It's just one of those things nearly impossible to describe, but once you are in it, you know. Over the years of exploring, adventuring and give-back-packing we have collected some like-minded and intrepid people along the way. Be it our award winning Bamboo team, our inspirational volunteers, our adrenaline-fueled adventure travellers, bar owners, local NGOs, tuk tuk drivers, tour guides, bus boys or an elephant called "Bank" collectively we are known as the 'BamFam'. The party is ever-growing and non-stop and you, my friend, are invited.

Bamboo-GVN Founders

About the Co-Founders:

Steve Williams

Hailing from Coventry, England (don't hold that against him!), Steve has lived in around Thailand and Southeast Asia for almost a decade, having spent all of that period working in the volunteer travel industry. Steve, now 42 years old, doesn't quite have the energy of his business partner Mark, but what he lacks in the party department, he makes up for in the organising and operations department. Through his eye for detail and the support of the team in Thailand, The Bamboo Project was awarded 'World's Best Volunteer Tour' in 2015 by TourRadar. Not bad considering The Bamboo Project was two years old at the time!

Steve's married to an amazing Thai lady and they have a 4 year old son. In his spare time (not that he ever gets any) Steve can be found running all over Thailand or trying to keep up with Mark in the party department. He's actually very average at both!

Mark Foster

Mark is the the Co-Founder of The Bamboo Project powered by GVN and previously the Co-Founder of The Bamboo Project. The brain-child of over 10 years of travel, far too many moon parties, a flip-flop, elephant selfies, 3000 hi5's and piggy backs, tuk tuks, spicy food, bad tans, wanderlusting. awe-inspiring, toe-tapping, bucket guzzling adventures with a wee touch of magic. Born in Cardiff, Wales Mark loves his mam, a pint and rugby (a true Welshman). Inspired at a young age to see the world, Mark spent years wandering and meeting amazing people (most of whom helped shape his persona today). That was until finally one dark and stormy night he met a fellow knight of travel-adventure-awesomeness, Steve Williams, and after exactly 3 pints and a packet of cheese and onion crisps, Fat Panda and The Bamboo Project was spawned into existence! Never looking back they are proud of their Bamboo Baby, the team that help support it and excited for what the future beholds.

Colin Salisbury

Colin is Founder and President of Global Volunteer Network (GVN) and now the Co-Founder of The Bamboo Project powered by GVN. GVN, an organization that places volunteers in communities where contributing their time and energy can affect change. In the last 15 years GVN has placed over 22,000 volunteers. Born and raised in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, Colin has a Masters in International Development and has become one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs. Colin also has a passion for online marketing, and as a consultant Colin has raised over 50 million dollars for organizations in New Zealand, Australia and USA. Colin has extensive experience in fundraising, organizational management and leadership development.

Let's get back to your next adventure!